Terms & Conditions


Furnished & Self Serviced


Fully furnished. Bed linen and towels supplied but not changed. Guests are responsible for keeping the apartment clean.  Serviced weekly (linen/towel change) + clean.
If required, additional servicing can be provided.

Reservation And Cancellation Conditions


Changes & Cancellations

  • Stays 2-6 days: Deposit of approximately 2 days charge.
  • Stays of 7 days and longer deposit amount as requested depending on the length of the booking (20-30%.
  • Balance (or any amount as advised by us) is payable on check-in  (cash, credit card or bank cheque). It can also be prepaid by direct bank transfer into our account.

    For longer stay (15 days and over payments can be done as above or at required times if stipulated in the Confirmation (these are the minimum requirements)
  • Credit card payments (except for the deposit) will attract a service charge of 4% If prepaid fully before arrival). If paid on arrival there is an additional AUD 30.00 flat fee.


Stays 3-14 days

  • More than 30 days before arrival: One day's charge.
  • Less than 30 days before arrival (including "no show"): Up to the total of the deposit (paid or chargeable) plus the additional authorisation amount stipulated in the Request For Deposit/Confirmation with maximum being 40% of the total charge.
  • Cancellation once the stay commenced (shortening of stay): 3 days charge calculated at the daily rate.
  •  For bookings between 7-14 days the full amount is chargeable


Stays 15 days & over

  • More than 60 days before arrival: One week's cancellation charge.
  • Less than 30 days before arrival (including "no show"): Up to the authorisation amount stipulated in the Request For Deposit/Confirmation.
  • Cancellation once the stay commenced (shortening) of stay: If notice given more than 60 days before - two day's charge. The consumed stay may be recalculated at up to the published daily rate (stays of less than 7 days) or weekly rate (for stays of 7 days and over).
  • For notice given less than 60 days prior to leaving there will be a charge of up to 4 weeks rent if no replacement tenant is found in the meantime)

Exit Clean (From 21.3.2014 it will apply to Annandale properties only only)

  • rubbish removed and new rubbish liner put in the bin
  • dishes washed and put away
  • appliances cleaned (microwave, oven, fridge)
  • floor cleaned


  • Beds stripped (duvet covers taken of duvets, bed sheets and pillow cases off
  • used bed linen + towels placed in one spot, on the floor in the lounge room
  • floor  vacuumed


Lounge room
  • vacumed
  • sofa bed stripped of bed sheet (if used)


  • used soap disposed off and bath tub soap holder cleaned
  • bath tub washed after last shower/bath
  • shower screen wiped (with one of the used up towels)
  • Hand basin and mirror cleaned
  • toilet cleaned
  • floor wiped with kitchen towel paper (spray moist with chem cleaning spray provided)

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